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1 a thought, concept or image actually or potentially present in the mind. 2 a belief. 3 an individual’s conception of the perfect or typical example of something specified.

Case Study

Canadian Orthopaedic Foundation logo

Canadian Orthopaedic Foundation is a national registered charity powered by a professional staff and network of over 300 volunteers. The Foundation is Canada’s only health charity dedicated solely to helping people maintain and restore their bone and joint, or orthopaedic, health.


The Challenge

In 2008, COF wants to have more donors to their program and increase fundings to researchers and to advice the adults and children on how to improve health and recovery after surgery.


The Campaign

COF uses fund raising direct mail campaign for donations. It consists of a letter from the CEO with a donation form that people can fill out and return with an envelop provided. A series of patient resources booklet need to introduce to the public.


The Solution

The letters are written to target certain group in their database such as: new donors, previous donors, donors that have not acted, donors that have not donated in the past 5 years. The design is friendly and upbeat with a perforated donation form at the bottom. By testing on different groups, we now know which group has a higher donation rate and we will then concentrate on these people.

The series of booklet are designed to have a strong visual impact as these are free information being displayed in doctor’s office. A total of
6 different booklets were introduced from Hip Fracture to Hip Replacement.


The Present

  • COF is the go-to organization for the public to gather information for bones and joints health
  • A strong brand customer recognition
  • In 2014, COF served almost 300,000 Canadians, hospitals, and otheropaedic professionals nationally. Up from 200,000 in 2013



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